Get a better deal for your international money exchange
- with RationalFX

Making or receiving an international payment? Our customers can save thousands of pounds by using our service rather than a bank’s. RationalFX is the easy way for businesses to transfer foreign currency online 24/7 and private customers to manage payments overseas, such as for a second home or education fees.

Why use RationalFX?


Guaranteed exchange rate

Save upto 4% on money transfers compared to banks or high street bureaux. As a specialist currency provider, we offer you bank-beating rates without excessive fees. The rate you book is the rate you’ll get when you make your transaction.

Low Fees and No Hidden Costs

Unlike banks, RationalFX will not charge for transfers made over the phone and for transfers under £4k will only charge a small £4 fee.

Safe and Secure

RationalFX is authorised by the FCA as a payment institution, and has transacted over £8bn in over 50 currencies worldwide.

Business solutions

Do you import or export, need to pay suppliers or salaries overseas, or have offices internationally? Buy currency at the right time and right price, and lock in rates for up to two years to reduce risk.

Personal payments

Do you send or receive payments in a foreign currency – to buy a home abroad, make mortgage payments or because you’ve emigrated? Ensure to get bank-beating rates with your own dedicated account manager.

Free tools

Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the foreign exchange market and monitor the latest trends. Simply register for our free Daily Market Report and never miss a thing!

*RationalFX offers bank-beating and competitive exchange rates. For further information on this, please click here.