Wire money to China cheaply

Make it cheaper when you wire money to China with RationalFX.

With your bank charging substantial fees and high margin exchange rates - wiring money is expensive especially if you have to wire money regularly to China.

Here are the benefits when you wire money to China with RationalFX:

  • Low Fees and No Commissions
  • Very competitive Exchange Rates
  • Operate your account Online or via Telephone
  • Your own dedicated Dealing team
  • Spot, Forward, Stop/Limit Orders
  • Pay by Bank Transfer/Card
  • Security- RationalFX is FSA authorised and regulated by HMRC
  • All client funds are held in a Barclays Client Account

We are highly experienced at wiring money to China securely and cheaply to any bank account in China that you may require.

We are a member of SWIFT - the biggest settlement and payments network in the world, so you benefit from more efficient and enhanced security of your wire transfers!

Open an account now to get started. Wire money to China cheaper than ever before!

Alternatively have a look at our Xendpay website in simplified Chinese or in traditional Chinese.