What's the cheapest way to transfer money to Morocco?


The cheapest way to transfer money to Morocco will depend on your individual circumstances.

Things like whether or not the recipient of the money has a bank account and the frequency with which you intend to transfer money to Morocco will influence which service you choose to use.

If you want to make a transfer to a bank account in Morocco, perhaps with the Arab Bank, then using your local bank will be a convenient way to transfer money to Morocco.

However, it is unlikely to be the cheapest option. Banks don't usually offer consumers very competitive currency exchange rates on the Moroccon dirham. 

But the fact that they will also charge a per-transfer fee each time you transfer money to Morocco ensures that they will not be the cheapest way of moving dirham.

Money Sending Bureaus are even more expensive, with per-transfer fees as high as ten to 15 per cent of the amount of money sent.

But if your recipient does not have a bank account in Morocco then they can be a useful service to know about.

Alternatively, if it's value for money you are after, then a foreign exchange broker is most likely to be your best option to transfer money to Morocco.

RationalFX has some of the most competitive dirham exchange rates on the market and we won't charge you high per-transfer fees. 

You can open an online account for free and just browse the currency exchange rates available without actually making an international money transfer.

This could help if you want to compare exchange rates and costs with other service providers to work out what will be the cheapest way for you to transfer money to Morocco.