Finding the most suitable and cost effective way to transfer money to the USA is essential for businesses that operate internationally and will save your business money and time. Transferring money via RationalFX is ideal for business as we save you money thanks to our low transfer fees and great exchange rate for the US dollar and makes making transfers easier and quicker. 

You have a number of options available to you to transfer money to the USA. But which one is best for you will depend on your circumstances. 

If you need to transfer money to the US when the recipient does not have access to a bank account then using a Money Sending bureau could be a good idea. 

These small establishments are visible on high streets and in shopping malls in major cities around the world. 

However, their usefulness is somewhat outweighed by the fact that they tend to be poorly regulated and will be rather expensive. 

The per-transfer fees imposed by these companies can be as high as 15 per cent and you will need to keep in mind the fact that the foreign exchange rates on offer are not the best. 

Alternatively, you could use a bank to transfer dollars to the USA. This is a good idea if you need to move money to a bank account across the Atlantic, perhaps with Citibank or the Five Star Bank. 

This can be a convenient way to move money internationally, especially when your bank should be able to set up the transfer with just one phone call or visit. 

Unfortunately, you will need to bear in mind that banks also charge per-transfer fees and they are not renowned for offering consumers the most competitive dollar exchange rates. 

If you want a better rate of exchange it might be worth exploring the third option and using a foreign exchange broker to transfer money to the USA. 

Most brokers will give you a good rate but RationalFX can go one further and offer you a specialist money transfer service with really competitive transfer fees.

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