What's the best way to transfer money to Indonesia?

There are several options to transfer money to Indonesia, but the best way for you will depend on your own circumstances.

However, it is worth researching your options carefully because some services involve hidden charges, which can significantly increase the cost of transferring money to Indonesia. 

Your main choices are to use a bank, money sending bureau or foreign exchange broker to transfer funds. 

A bank might appear to be the most obvious option, especially if you need to transfer money to an Indonesian bank account with the Bank Negara Indonesia, for example. But many companies will impose high fees when you transfer money to Indonesia this way. Factor in the poor exchange rates on offer and this convenient option is starting to look prohibitively expensive.

You might want to look into using a Money Sending Bureau instead. These establishments - found on high streets of cities around the world - can be particularly useful if you need to transfer money to someone who does not have a bank account. But they are usually poorly regulated and their fees can top those of the banks, often reaching as much as 15 per cent per transfer!

Alternatively there is the aforementioned option of using a foreign exchange broker to transfer money to Indonesia

Brokers, like RationalFX, tend to offer some of the most competitive currency exchange rates on the market for the Indonesian rupiah. 

Furthermore, there are only low fees involved in making a transfer to Indonesia with RationalFX. 

But there is no need to take our word for it, or even to make a decision just now. You can open an online account with RationalFX for free and use it to compare currency exchange rates on the rupiah with those of other providers before you decide on the best way for you to transfer money to Indonesia.