Vote of No Confidence Imminent


Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, said he will call for a vote of no confidence in the Government when Parliament returns from summer recess in a bid to block a no-deal Brexit. Labour will call the vote at an "appropriate very early time,” Corbyn told reporters. Furthermore Corbyn went onto say ‘ he would do everything he can to stop a no deal exit from the EU’. Corbyn emphasised the impact a no-deal Brexit could have on the British economy stating that it would cause serious damage to food prices, medical supplies, trade and investment. Corbyn is looking to table a no-confidence motion when he feels he can win and stop the current government from taking the UK out of the EU without a deal. Boris Johnson speaking on Monday hit back at Corbyn’s suggestion of a general election saying that the UK have had elections in 2015, a referendum in 2016 and another election in 2017 saying it is ‘the last thing he wants to do’ in reference to a general election.

Furthermore a spokesman for Boris Johnson stated that Brexit will happen on 31st October ‘whatever the circumstances’ but failed to mention whether it would be with or without a deal. Johnson currently has no Brexit talks scheduled with European leaders, and did previously state that the EU would need to ditch the backstop in order for him to speak to them in regards to the current deal on the table. The EU have told Johnson that it is impossible to remove the backstop and are not willing to renegotiate.

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