Transferring money to the State Bank of India

If your business requires you to transfer money to the State Bank of India, transferring money through a foreign currency specialist like RationalFX will be the ideal way to deal with your international payments to India. Choosing RationalFX as the agent to process your foreign currency requirements will enable your business to make money transfers simply, securely and inexpensively. We offer highly competitive exchange rates for the Indian Rupee and enable you to transfer your money at low fees and zero commissions, which will ultimately mean that you will be able to send more rupees for your money.

To complete your bank wire transfer to the State Bank of India we will need to know your recipient's bank account details, the banks SWIFT code and their IBAN number.

How long will it take?

With Indian rupee transfers, it generally takes two days from the funds being sent to the funds been recieved in the bank.

What is the purpose of the transfer?

Stating the purpose of your transfer is essential, as this is information which the recipient bank in India will require in order to recieve your funds. In some instances it can take up to 4 days for the funds to be made available when the purpose is left unstated, as the Indian bank hold the money so that the funds can be investigated.

A cheaper way to send money!

Making the wire transfer to the State bank of India through a bank is likely to cost you business, as often banks charge costly fees for transferring your money and thyey provide poor rates of currency exchange.

With RationalFX however, you can complete the bank wire transfer conveniently, at low fees online and will obtain a great Indian rupee exchange rate.

State bank of India

Bank name: State Bank of India
Address: State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Bhadra, Ahmedabad - 380 001.
Phone number: (079) - 25506425

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