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The official title of the USA is the United States of America and the country is also known as the States, America and the United States. The USA is situated in central North America and has the largest and most technologically powerful economy worldwide. America is also the country which is most emigrated to in the world and has over 38,355,000 non- US national residents.

Transferring money to the USA to make property payments can be expensive so it is essential that you consider a number of ways you could transfer money because this will enable you find the most straightforward, convenient and cost effective transfer method.

How can I transfer money to the USA?

Commonly people transfer money to the USA through a bank or a money sending bureau because these are obvious solutions when you need to make a money transfer. While these services are indeed convenient they are not the most economical way of transferring money as the exchange rates you will be offered will be uncompetitive and additionally you will be charged large transfer fees.

Alternatively you could transfer money through a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX and save yourself both time and money.

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Why RationalFX?

We make transferring money less expensive for you by providing a competitive exchange rate for the US Dollar and making our transfer fees really competitive.

We are a UK based company that is tightly monitored and regulated by HM Revenue & customs and our transfer fees are really competitiveso we abide with the high levels of security these institutions impose. We have been trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide to transfer their money and have successfully sent over $2 billion.

Transferring money through RationalFX is easy, convenient and requires minimum effort as you can make your money transfers via our online payments system Xendpay 24/7 online from any location.

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