Transferring money to the Ukraine may be something that you need to do, maybe for personal reasons like helping a family member or friend in financial difficulty. Or it may be you are looking to travel to Ukraine.

Many people make money transfers for different reasons and some more regularly than others. However, it is worthwhile taking the time to explore the main different transfer options available, helping you decide on one that may be less costly, and more favourable to you and your recipient needs.

While going to your bank or money sending bureau are common options to transfer money. They are not necessarily the cheapest when you need to transfer money to the Ukraine.

Your bank, although seems like a sensible option to take, have high costs that can to be brought to light. For instance, you will find that the exchange rate they offer are not competitive as you would expect - meaning you are getting less on the currency conversion.

In addition to this, making your transfer to a Ukrainian bank like Raiffeisen Bank Aval through your bank will mean you have to pay a bank charge every time you make a transfer! This all adds up making transferring to the Ukraine more costly than it ought to be.

The next option you can look at are money sending bureaus. They promote themselves as the best and most specialised way of making international money transfer, but this comes at a high expense.

You are looking at being charged up to 15% for them to transfer money to the Ukraine! As well as being given terrible rates of exchange.

Finding a less costly and efficient way to transfer money to the Ukraine does not have to be difficult. Foreign exchange brokers like RationalFX are helping more and more people with their money transfer needs.

Whether you need to make single or regular transfers to the Ukraine we will offer you an extremely competitive rate of exchange as well as not charging you high fees for doing your transfer!

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