Do you need to transfer money to South Africa and want to find the best way? By looking at the options available can make the choice a lot easier.

Whether you are buying a house or transferring money to a loved one back in South Africa. Having some thought on how to do so could save you money and avoid unnecessary costs.

Your Bank

Your bank is a where you most probably deal with most of your finances so going to your bank to transfer money to South Africa seems like the most rational and safest thing to do.

But your bank can offer terrible rates of exchange as well as charging you a high fee for the transfer could see large amounts of you money eaten away, leaving you with a lot less for South Africa.

Money Sending Bureau

Then you probably have seen quite a few Money sending bureaus located around town when you were shopping or passing through. With easy access, as counters are practical out on the street, they seem quick, easy and keen to deal with your transfer and currency needs.

However, on closer inspection you will see that they also offer awful exchange rates for the South African Rand as well as all their other currencies and charge a damaging 10-15% for using their service. It is also worth noting that they are poorly regulated and some are more trusted than others.


What RationalFX offers that the other two options do not is a better exchange rate for your money. What it all comes down to is how many South African Rands you can get for my money and quite simply RationalFX gives you more.

We are a foreign currency exchange broker that is authorised by the FSA so you can rest assure that your money is safe. We are highly experienced at doing transfers to South Africa at highly competitive rates. Whether just a single or regular transfer we will work out a transfer arrangement that best suit your needs and saves you money. Register Now!