If you are looking to transfer money to China RationalFX is the ideal solution as we provide a simple, convenient, safe and inexpensive way of transferring money. It may be that you are transferring money to make property payments or to transfer money to family; whatever your reason for transferring money to China and whether you are looking to transfer US Dollars or Hong Kong Dollars the transfer fees with RationalFX will be really low and we will provide you with a competitive exchange rate.

Officially titled the People's Republic of China, China is a country with a population exceeding 1.339 billion which makes it the most populated country in the world. China is located in East Asia and the country spans an area of roughly of 9.6 million square kilometres

ChinaTransferring money to China can be costly, especially when you are making regular money transfers so it is important to think about the various transfer methods in order to establish which option will be most suited to your individual requirements.


An obvious solution when you wish to transfer money to China would be to use your bank; this choice however will cost you as you will be charged high transfer fees and provided with an uncompetitive exchange rate for your chosen currency.

Money sending bureau

Another way people commonly transfer money to China is through a money sending bureau as this is another accessible service and a fast and simple way to transfer money. The downside of transferring money through a money sending bureau is that once again poor exchange rates and sizeable transfer fees make this a costly option.

A foreign exchange broker

Alternatively for a cheaper, simple, fast and convenient money transfer to China you could transfer money through a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX.

Are you looking to transfer money to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Export-Import Bank of China, Shenzhen Development Bank, China Merchants Bank or any other bank in China? It may be that you are looking to transfer money to Tianjin, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing or elsewhere in China. Whichever bank and wherever you wish to transfer money to RationalFX can make your money transfer for you.

What are the benefits of transferring money through RationalFX?

Convenience- Simple to use and convenient online service
Cost Friendly– Competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees.
Secure- We are a FSA authorised company who are regulated by HM Revenue and Customs

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