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Belgium which is officially is the Kingdom of Belgium is a federal state in Western Europe which covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres and has population of 11 million people. Belgium is a founding member of the European Union and hosts it’s headquarters.


Do you need to transfer money to ING, AXA, KBC, Banca Monte Paschi Belgio or another bank in Belgium? Maybe you are transferring money to Antwerp, Bruge, Brussels, Ghent or elsewhere in Belgium. Whichever bank and wherever you are looking to transfer money to it is essential that you consider the various ways you could transfer money as this will help you find the easiest and cheapest way to make your property payment.

How can I transfer money to Belgium?

People making money transfers to Belgium commonly transfer money through a bank or a money sending bureau as these are obvious solutions, however these options are not most budget friendly way of transferring money as you will be offered poor exchange rates and charged sizeable transfer fees.

Alternatively you could transfer money through a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX and save yourself both time and money.

Why should I transfer money through RationalFX?

We reduce the costs of transferring money by offerring a competitive exchange rate for the Euro and do not charge you fees for transferring money.

When you transfer money through RationalFX you will know you are making a secure money transfer as we are a FSA authorised payments institution regulated by HM Revenue & Customs.

It is really quick, easy and convenient to transfer money through RationalFX as our online payments system Xendpay allows you to make transfers 24/7 online from any location.

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