Transfer money to Bahrain

Transfer money to Bahrain to any bank account that you may require!  You may need to transfer to such banks as Ahli United Bank or National Bank of Bahrain, whatever the bank, we at RationalFX can help you.

With our online payments system you can easily make a transfer to Bahrain with up-to-date competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees.

We are highly experienced at transferring money to Bahrain safely, efficiently and most of all cheaply! Open an account now!

Why transfer money to Bahrain with RationalFX?

Many people who transfer money to Bahrain through their bank or money transfer agent are imposed with high margin exchange rates and transfer fees.

These are costs that we believe are unfair to the consumer and are exploitive of people who need to transfer money internationally.

Whatever you reasons are to transfer money to Bahrain, whether it be personal or business, you should be able to get the most out of your money for your purposes.

RationalFX offer a safe and less costly solution for money transfers worldwide. We will give you an extremely competitive exchange rate for the Bahraini Dinar- that will beat your bank or money sending bureau (see rates) and we impose low transfer fees only for international transfers online!

We have transferred over £1 billion worth of currencies successfully worldwide and are constantly growing!

Authorised by the FSA and regulated by the HMRC, we are also a member of SWIFT the world’s largest payments and settlements network in the world - means you benefit from more efficient and secured transfers. We take the security of your funds seriously.

How are we able to offer such a cheap service?

Quite simply, it is because we purchase such large amounts of currencies every year we are able to get wholesale rates for the currencies we buy, and therefore can offer better exchange rates and charge low transfer fees! Register with us now for a transparent bargain when you transfer money to Bahrain.