Transfer Dollars to the USA to pay for imports

As the third largest exporter of goods worldwide it is no surprise that millions and millions of Dollars are sent to the USA every year. If you, like numerous other businesses need to transfer money to the United states to pay for imports the ideal solution for you is RationalFX as transferring money via us is easy, convenient and cost effective. When transferring money via RationalFX you will benefit from competitive Dollar exchange rates and a low fee option which will result in a considerable reduction in the costs of your international transfer.

USAThe United States of America, more commonly known as the USA or America is a country in central North America which has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world.

Essentially the most important goal in business is to make large profits; this goal is however often challenged for international businesses by the costs of making overseas transfers through a bank or money sending bureau. When money is transferred through these agents poor exchange rates are offered and high transfer fees are applied which ultimately results in less Dollars being sent to the USA.

If you are regularly importing goods from the States this can be costly and time consuming so you will need to actively seek a cheap, easy and convenient way to transfer your money.

While banks and money sending bureaus are obvious, accessible and fast ways to send Dollars to the States these are costly options as they will offer you poor rates of exchange for the US Dollar and additionally will charge you a substantial transfer fee.

There is however a cheaper and more convenient way to send money to the USA which is sending through a foreign exchange broker such as RationalFX.

Sending money via RationalFX

Thanks to Xendpay which is our online payments service, money can be sent online securely and conveniently 24/7, meaning that you will no longer be tied to the inconvenience of bank opening hours and ques.

But most importantly sending your money with RationalFX will save you money! We reduce the costs of sending money to the United States as we will give you competitive exchange rates for the USD and will only charge a small fee for sending your money. Take a look at our exchange rates for the US Dollar

Send USD to America now to pay for imports, or register for an account with RationalFX to send your Dollars to the USA.

If you intend to regularly send money to exporters in America our range of FX services will be ideal for you. For more information give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 7220 8181 to discuss your options with one of our dedicated dealers.