The top 6 reasons for Individuals making international payments, or money transfers are as follows;

Sending Money Home

Billions of US Dollars a year are sent home to families and friends around the world. The biggest sending country is the USA and the biggest receiving country is India. If you need to Send Money to anywhere in the World, you can make substantial savings with RationalFX.

Overseas Property Payments

It seems as though every property market in the world has Foreign property investment somewhere involved! Whether it is Brits buying in Berlin, or Italians in London, or everyone in Brazil and Dubai! Overseas property buying - whether for investment, to live in or as a holiday home (or a bit of all three) - remains the second most common reason for private individuals to send money from one country to another.

If you need to make large deposits or even paying for the property outright, then you will definitely save money by using RationalFX's Exchange Rates - which are always better than your Bank's! We can also lock you in at a specific Exchange Rate for up to two years, and/or discuss the use of Stop-loss and Limit Orders to help your manage Foreign Exchange Risk exposure. Find out more about RationalFX's service for Overseas Property Payments.

If you are paying an Overseas Mortgage, or renting, then you may need to make regular Overseas Money transfers. This is something we can also help with - look at our service for Regular Overseas Money Transfers.

Living Abroad

If you have moved overseas, you may still be paying your living costs with money sent over regularly from your country of origin - for example, a pension, investment income, regular support payment or salary. This can mean that as much as 5% to 10% of your income is eaten up with high transfer fees, receipt fees and poor exchange rates.

Set up a Regular Transfer plan with RationalFX and you will pay low transfer fees - and get a great Exchange Rate! See Regular Transfers

Paying for Personal Imports

A lot of people are getting wise to the fact that you can make great savings by shopping abroad. Particularly for high value items like boats, cars and luxury goods.

This will normally require a Personal International bank-to-bank payment - and it would be shame to throw away your savings by paying high transfer fees to your Bank and getting a terrible Exchange Rate. Get a quote from RationalFX for your Money Transfer and see how much you can save!

Repatriating Overseas Earnings

When an Overseas Property, or some other asset, is sold or generates income, the owners will probably need to repatriate earnings or profits back to their country of residence. This can be a regular monthly process, needing a regular money transfer - or a single lump-sum overseas money transfer.

Either way, RationalFX can benefit you by making the process safe, easy and - above all - cost-efficient!

This also applies very much to Overseas Business Owners wanting to move money between different business entities. Read more about our Business FX Services

Overseas University Fees

Millions of students a year now study in Universities and Business Schools overseas. With Fees and living costs, this can easily cost from GBP 10,000 to GBP 30,000 per year.

If you use a regular bank to make the Overseas University Fee payments, or just to transfer money for living costs, then you may be being charged high transfer fees and a very uncompetitive exchange rate. It makes sense to shop around, so why not open a Personal Account at RationalFX and see how much you can save? It's Free and there is No Obligation to carry out any transactions!

RationalFX is regulated for Personal Money Transfers by the FSA