Is there a cost effective way to transfer money to Tunisia?

If you are a business looking to transfer money to Tunisia, it may be that your are left wondering what your possible options are. Whether you are transferring money to pay for imports or to purchase property you will want to find and choose the best option that saves you the most money.

Going through the route of your typical bank is not always the best option, however it is a route that many people take as banks are generally a first option people go for. But for those that go through this route, they are commonly confronted with high costs.

So what are the typical costs of using your Bank?

Your Bank place high margins on all the currencies they offer meaning less Tunisian Dinars for your money. In addition to this they charge a transfer fee for every transfer you make to Tunisia making you incur significant costs.

What is a better option?

It becomes increasingly crucial to find the best option available to you. Using RationalFX will see you get a highly competitive exchange rate and low transfer fees for transferring money to Tunisia.

At RationalFX, we aim to please our customers by playing an important role at saving them money and to provide a easy and simple service.

We have taken great care at providing a straightforward process to transferring money – registration is as easy as a few clicks and with up to the minute live market rates, informing you on the best rates.

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