Spring Budget 2021: When is it, and what can the pound expect?

The 2020 Spring Budget was the first in more than fourty years as a non-EU member state – but it was not Brexit that defined it. A strange new virus was becoming a major concern, forcing the UK’s new Chancellor Rishi Sunak to implement sweeping measures to shield the economy – leading to it being […]


Moderna vaccine improves risk appetite

GBP Sterling remained under pressure yesterday as investor attention moved away from global risk appetite and back on to Brexit negotiations. Overall market risk appetite has improved in recent days, and yesterday saw that continue as Moderna announced that its vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing Covid-19. However sterling fell against its peers as traders […]


Lack of progress over Brexit causes Sterling to fall

GBP Sterling slipped from its highs yesterday as recent vaccine optimism has waned and a lack of progress of Brexit negotiations has seen downward pressure. This was then further exacerbated this morning as UK GDP missed estimates coming in below par at 15.5%. However this is a rebound from the previous quarter but does point […]


Sterling unfazed by no deal scare

GBP Sterling was unfazed by Boris Johnson’s announcement that the UK should prepare for a no trade deal on Friday. Optimism is building among investors that a trade deal will be reached and Johnson’s latest announcement could be a ploy in order for the EU to give into the demands of the UK according to […]

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