You can manage your transactions effectively by choosing from the various services we provide, such as spot orders, forward deals, stop loss, limit orders and regular overseas payments which enable you to take advantage of positive movements in the market, but will protect you if the market doesn’t move in your favour.

RationalFX will be able to accommodate for all of your foreign exchange needs and requirements as we have a range of services and order types that are suitable for both individuals and businesses.

Spot transactions

To get the best exchange rate possible and save money you could arrange a stop order which would allow you to set a price above or below the current market price in the currency you wish to trade.

Limit orders

With limit orders you are able to buy and sell foreign currency at a set price, but if that price is not met within reasonable time we will advise you on how to further manage your currency and help reduce your costs by considering further foreign exchange dealing strategies.

Forward orders

If you are looking to have more control over your future foreign exchange deals and want to ensure that you achieve the best possible rate at a fixed price every month you can arrange a forward order and secure an exchange rate for up to two years.