Simplify your international payments to Greece with an online account

If you need to make international payments to Greece RationalFX is the perfect solution as we make transferring money cheap and convenient. We reduce the costs of making an international payment as we give our customers competitive Euro exchange rates and provide an option for a payment with low transfer fees. Start making inetrnational payments to Greece straightaway, or register and start sending Euros to Greece.

Should you need to make money payments to family and friends or to pay for your private holiday villa, our service is safe and secure. Even more, if you have a business requirement you can pay invoices online directly to your providers bank account.

There are low fees to make international money transfers to Greece and the service has 0% commission as well as a market leading euro exchange rate that will beat your bank!

Once you have registered and activated your online account, to make a payment you will just require:

  • The bank/card details you are transferring from
  • The bank details of the person or company you are transferring to
  • Their SWIFT code  and IBAN code 

It's that simple!

We are an FSA authorised payments institution, regulated by HMRC and a member of SWIFT (see regulatory details) so you can rest assured we are a safe service to make your international payments worldwide.

Opening an online account takes a few minutes, so register now to start making international payments to Greece. If you already have an account just login to start making payments to Greece.

Alternatively, speak to one of our foreign exchange experts on +44 (0) 20 7220 8181 to discuss your currency needs without obligation.