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Turkey which is officially named the Republic of Turkey is a Eurasian country located in Western Asia and in South Eastern Europe which is bordered by Greece, Armenia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. The official language of Turkey is Turkish and majority of the population are Muslims.

Bodrum Castle

Do you want to send TRY to Turkey to make payments on a property you are purchasing in Kusadasi, Marmaris, Side, Dalyan, Bodrum, Icmeler or another location in Turkey? Perhaps you wish to transfer money to Turk Ekonomi Bankasi, Anadolu Bank, ING, Turkiye IS Bankasi or another bank in Turkey? Wherever the location and whatever the value of your property it is important that you consider the different ways you can send Lira to Turkey as this will help you find the most suitable and least expensive way to send money for property payments.

Ways to send Turkish Lira to Turkey

Banks and money sending bureaus are a common choice when people need to send money to Turkey as these are easy to use and accessible services; these services are however a costly way of sending money as they offer poor exchange rates and charge high transfer fees every time you send money, which will be particularly a hindrance to those who need to make regular property payments.

Is there an alternative way to send TRY to make property payments?

Sending your money through a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX is the ideal way to send Liras to Turkey for property payments as we will give you a competitive exchange rate for the Turkish Lira and will not charge you fees for sending your money.

Additionally sending money through RationalFX is really easy and convenient as you can transfer money 24/7 from any location via our online payments system Xendpay.

When you send money through us you will also have the benefit of knowing that you are making secure money transfers as we are a FSA authorised company regulated by HM Revenue & Customs so we handle your money professionally.

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