Send real to Brazil

Brazilians working hard in Spain to provide for their families back home will want to make sure their loved ones get as much of their earnings as possible.

If they use a foreign exchange broker to send money to Brazil this is likely to be the case.

While no bank, bureau de change or foreign exchange broker is able to offer the single real 'mid-market rate' that you may see on a currency exchange calculator, an independent foreign exchange broker is likely to offer a much more competitive rate of exchange than a high street bank.

Bank-to-bank transfers tend to be very safe, but they will also be expensive as the institutions normally charge a per-transfer fee as well as a fairly uncompetitive exchange rate on the real.

A regulated broker, such as RationalFX will be equally safe, but overseas workers will be able to benefit from one of the most competitive exchange rates on the market.

Whoever you want to send money to Brazil for, a foreign exchange broker will make sure that more of that money ends up in their hands, instead of being filtered off by poor exchange rates and high fees.