Send money to the US to ease repatriation

People who are thinking of repatriating to America might want to look over their finances before they do so to ease their move.

According to expat writer for the Telegraph, Apple Gidley, expatriating and repatriating often deliver equal doses of culture shock.

Using a foreign exchange broker to send money to the US could help to take some of the extra costs and stresses out of moving back to your country of birth.

While cash transfer services can look convenient, the majority of them are not regulated and carry the risk of fraud.

Furthermore, they will charge either very high fees or a very poor currency exchange rate, which will see you fork out more money than necessary when you are trying to send money to the US to re-establish a base.

Bank-to-bank transfers are much more secure but an independent regulated broker is still likely to offer a more competitive rate of currency exchange.

You should be aware that even brokers will not be able to offer you the headline rate you see on a currency calculator, but they will save you money.