Send money to the US

Britons considering retirement abroad could send money to the US through an independent foreign exchange broker.

This fast and safe option for sending money abroad will allow retirees to save a lot of money in comparison to a number of other options.

A FSA-regulated broker, such as RationalFX, will help people to send USD to America if they need a convenient way of transferring their pension and retirement income from the UK.

Once you open an account at RationalFX, you can use a Debit card, an iDEAL and ELV to send dollars to the US or you just choose a bank transfer.

The currency exchange rate to send USD to America will be more competitive than those available at a high street bank or bureau de change.

This could prove to be important for those moving significant amounts of money on a regular basis since a few cents difference in the exchange rate can make a major difference to the amount of money you are able to enjoy in your new country of residence.