Send Money to Jordan

Are you looking to send money to Jordan? It is important that you do not overlook the costs of doing so! With exchange rates to take into account and transfer fees to consider it is a wise move to find a transfer method that offers the lowest costs.

Sending money to Jordan might be making a payment to a bank account in the Bank of Jordon for example. With varying costs of the different methods you can take, having a look at them can help you find the least costly.

Like most people your first option to look at is your bank. You can send money to a bank account in Jordan quite easily and securely, however in terms of costs:

  • The exchange rate for the Jordanian Dinar is uncompetitive which means less currency in the conversion
  • Your bank will charge you a transfer fee for every transfer make.

It is a typical option to take but it is by no means the cheapest.

Using a money sending bureau is another option to sending money to Jordan. With their longer business hours they can be a convenient option for your money sending needs. However in terms of costs:

  • They have awful exchange rates severely reducing your currency buying power
  • Expensive transfer fee of 10-15% of your transfer amount

With these costs to take on board it is a financially unfavourable option; especially if you need to make regular payments!

Send Money to Jordan via RationalFX

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