Christmas gift ideas

Sending money can often be the best Christmas gift to give to your loved ones, particularly if they live overseas. Sending or delivering gifts to family and friends overseas can be expensive and there is much less hassle when choosing to send money as a gift this Christmas and according to a recent survey, 85% of people are happy to send or receive money as an alternative gift idea for Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas with family and friends that live in a foreign country can be difficult. With financial woes affecting most of the world, it is predicted that people are less likely to be able to travel abroad for Christmas. Usually, this time of year is very popular with travel-lers, with people travelling to see their loved ones and others returning home to spend time with their families. However, with less disposable income for a lot of people, it is thought that people are likely to find alternative options to spoil their family and friends. This is also the case with rising postal costs, along with a lot of reliability issues encouraging people to avoid sending large parcels, with a maximum of only £36 compensation when sending anything with first class mail.

It is well noted that Christmas is a huge commercial opportunity in western nations like the UK, USA and Canada. A lesser known fact is that the Chinese also treat Christmas as a commercial occasion, with many similarities to the idea of ‘Christmas shopping’. Buying Christmas gifts can prove to be a lot of hassle, as well as a lot of fun.

Christmas is celebrated in over 160 countries all over the world to some extent. Though the origins of Christmas are derived from the Christian celebration about the birth of Jesus, there are many non-Christian populations who celebrate Christmas as a time of ‘togetherness’, in which people spend time with their families and friends. In other nations, shopping and giv-ing Christmas presents or gifts is a popular tradition.

There needs to be a certain degree of caution exercised here though. An estimated £1.5m is lost in the post every year, with people opting to pop some cash in their Christmas cards. The alternative solution could be to transfer your money to your loved ones electronically. You can send money as a Christmas gift for a present to be purchased on your behalf, or simply for them to spend on the Christmas sales.

Make sure you choose the best money transfer provider who can give your loved ones the best return on your currency. The minimum transfer amount is commonly a very important factor when concerning gifts of money. Some foreign exchange providers do not accommo-date for transfers less than £500, and those that do typically charge relatively high prices for such small amounts. A specialist money transfer provider like RationalFX can help you send small amounts of money at a low price, whilst also getting a good return on your currency sent.