As the cost of higher education increase in certain countries, paticularly the United Kingdom, many students are considering studying abroad. If you are interested in studying overseas you may be concerned about dealing with your finances in a foreign county. RationalFX are able to transfer money to Germany for study and will reduce the costs of your transfer as we offer you competitive exchange rates for the Euro and low transfer fees.

While the opportunity to learn and explore the world is there, young people will still be facing significant outgoings for accommodation and day-to-day costs, even if they choose to study in a country like Germany, where the state offers a comparatively high level of financial support for tuition fees.

One way to cover these additional costs is to send money to Germany through a foreign exchange broker.

If you have been working hard in your own country to fund your higher education abroad you are likely to want to take as much of that money as possible with you to your new home.

Using a specialist money transfer service like RationalFX will enable you to make cheap, convenient and secure money transfers to Germany.

All you need is:

  • The account details of the recipient
  • the SWIFT and IBAN code of their bank
  • Your own bank account details.

We employ the latest in online security practices and have high grade encryption across our websites which contain sensitive information.

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