Send money to Dubai for property


Overseas property investors will regularly need to send money abroad as part of their business.

In particular, many people might be starting to think how to send money to Dubai as the property market is likely to remain cheap for now.

Jesse Downs, director of research and advisory services at consultancy group Landmark Advisory, told Overseas Property Professional: "There is a high degree of oversupply already prevalent in the Dubai market, and with a considerable amount of new supply due to come online shortly, this will only have an adverse affect, putting downward pressure on sale prices."

Investors who are keen to take advantage of these low prices could use a foreign exchange broker to send money to Dubai.

Regulated brokers like RationalFX offer some of the most competitive rates of currency exchange available.

Furthermore, people moving money for mortgage payments or upkeep will not be faced with high per-transfer fees as charged by high street banks.