If you need to transfer money to Finland, you will soon discover that there are a number of options to choose from. 

You're main choices are to use a bank to transfer money to Finland, to enquire with a Money Sending Bureau about transferring money to Finland this way or to look into using a foreign exchange broker's services. 

But whether you need to transfer money to Finland to cover payments on a property in Helsinki, to move your pension money abroad or simply to transfer money to friends and family, it will pay off to do a bit of research in order to choose the best method for you. 

You will probably find that your local bank can help you to transfer money to Finland with just one phone call or visit. While this can be convenient if you need to transfer money to Nordea Bank Finland or the OKO Bank Group, you will probably pay for this convenience through high foreign exchange fees and a poor rate of exchange on the euro. 

Alternatively, you can enquire about how to transfer euros to Finland with a Money Sending Bureau. 

These are small establishments found on high streets around the world. Unfortunately, they tend to be poorly regulated and their foreign exchange fees are often worse than those on offer by the banks. 

There is another option to transfer euros to Finland that will save you money. You can use a foreign exchange broker, such as RationalFX. 

The majority of brokers will offer you very competitive rates of currency exchange due to the sheer volume of currency they handle. But RationalFX goes one further; we don't charge high per-transfer fees when you transfer money to Finland with us! 

Why not open an online account with RationalFX today? Then you can compare our currency exchange rates on the euro with your other options and pick the best deal for you.