If you are looking for ways to remit money to Dubai, think carefully before making a decision.


A bank-to-bank transfer might appear to be the most obvious way of going about things, sending money directly to an account with Emirates Bank Dubai, for example.


However, a foreign exchange broker could allow you to remit money to Dubai just as conveniently but without the additional per-transfer charges that are generally charged by high street banks.


You will also gain access to a competitive rate of currency exchange when you remit money through a broker, unlike banks, which tend to be a fairly expensive option.


Note that no bank, bureau de change, or currency exchange broker can offer the single dirham 'mid-market rate' that you might come across on a currency calculator.


All of these services have a rate at which they buy the dirham and a rate at which they sell the dirham, both of which will be a factor in the rate on offer to the consumer.