Refer a friend

Refer a friend and you’ll both receive rewards...

Have you got friends who are looking to buy a property abroad, or moving abroad, and need to send money overseas? Or do you know other businesses who need to make International Payments. Well, with our refer a friends scheme both of you can be rewarded, and we can help your friends send money overseas easily, securely and with bank-beating exchange rates*.

All you have to do is simply refer your friend to us, and once they have opened an account and made a trade over £10,000, we will send you both a £50 Gift Certificate**.

If you haven’t set up an account with us, you can do this in a matter of moments. Once you have registered you will enjoy all the benefits of our bank-beating service, and be able to refer friends, meaning all those birthdays and Christmas presents are a little bit cheaper...

Refer friends and start receiving rewards today.

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WHY USE RationalFX

Bank Beating Exchange Rate

No commission or hidden costs

Same day payments

Multi-LINGUAL account managers

Your money is 100% safe

(we are also authorised by THE FCA)

Regular payment plan and rate alert facility