We are pleased to announce that we have now opened a euro bank account with la Caixa in Barcelona, Spain. If you are a business making international payments to Spain, this euro account will be beneficial to you as it will mean that your recipient will receive the money much quicker and it will also help to make your money go further.

Bank name:  la Caixa 
Address: Av. Diagonal, 621-629, Barcelona, 08028 Catalunia
Phone number:

34 93 404 60 00

Website: http://www.lacaixa.com
IBAN code:

ES15 2100 3060 5907 0008 6058

When it comes to international transfers, the time it takes for the recipient to get the funds is often dependent on their bank.

The euro is usually a same day currency, so if we recieve your payment instructions before 2pm your recipient is likely to recieve the money on the same day. In some cases however, it could be that they do not recieve the funds for a number of days as their bank are holding the funds for inspection as it is an international payment or that the bank are not responding to the payment quickly enough.

Thanks to our la Caixa euro bank account in Spain, your money can be transferred to and recieved in our La Caixa bank account then transferred directly as a domestic payment - a payment instruction between two bank accounts in the same country- within the same day.

What's more, with a number of recipient countries their bank will charge a fee for accepting inbound international payments which will mean that you will have to send more money to the recipient to compensate for these charges as this fee will be deducted from the money they recieve.

However, now that we have a la Caixa bank account in Spain your recipient will recieve the full amount you transfer, as a fee will not be charged to recieve the international payment to our bank account.

Transfer money now via la Caixa Spain