Solution to Paying Overseas Tuition Fees

Save time and money when making overseas tuition fees, accommodation and living costs payments with RationalFX.

Many students are taking the opportunity to study overseas, but this comes at a cost. Making monthly international payments can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you overlook the impact of exchange rate fluctuations. If you’re making important regular overseas payments, such as paying tuition fees, you’ll want to adopt a convenient and cost-effective approach to managing your international transfers, saving you both time and money.

Managing regular international payments for overseas tuition fees made easy with RationalFX

The most efficient way to make regular international payments is to automate the entire process. The most effective way to help reduce the impact of ever changing exchange rates on your payments is to secure a favourable exchange rate in advance. We can help clients who want to pay overseas education fees to create a strategy that combines the two.

How we helped a UK family manage their overseas tuition fee payments

The Requirement

Mr and Mrs Fletcher’s son had accepted a place at a university in California. They needed to transfer enough money to America to pay his monthly tuition fees. The Fletcher’s wanted to exchange their funds using a favourable rate before each international payment was made to help them save money.

Our Approach

After speaking to one of our currency specialists, the Fletcher’s realised that making monthly payments online can be a time-consuming process. Their personal account manager worked with them to setup a Regular Payment plan on their behalf to automate each transfer in line with their schedule using a standing order. Our currency specialist also gave them the option to fix an exchange rate to help reduce the risk of their funds encountering any unfavourable exchange rates over a set period

The Result

Our RPP service gives the Fletcher’s the peace of mind that their son’s tuition fees will be paid on time every month, while saving them the hassle of having manually transfer the funds. As well as offering convenience, this strategy protects their international payments from unwanted exchange rate fluctuations, so they know exactly how much to put aside to pay the American university each month, saving the family significant amounts if the pound reduces in value.

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