Moving Pension Payments Abroad

Thinking about retiring overseas? Save time and money when moving your pension payments abroad!

Pension payments are often the primary source of income for people who have retired overseas. It’s vital that they are made on time and you are certain of the amount you will receive each month. You’ve worked hard for your pension and you deserve to get the most favourable exchange rate possible when you transfer your pension payment overseas in the most convenient way possible.

Moving your pension payments abroad made easy

Making regular international payments to move your pension payment abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. We can help you automate each transfer to match your specific schedule using a standing order. We can also secure you a favourable exchange rate that helps you make the most of your hard-earnt pension.

How we helped a retired UK couple make the most of their international pension payments

The Requirement

Having retired, Mr and Mrs Jones fulfilled their dream of moving to France. In order to fund their new life overseas, they need to transfer their UK pension payment to their new home each month. The Jones’ are wary of how exchange rate fluctuations may impact the value of their pension transfers each month and an unfavourable exchange rate could mean losing some of their pension payment. 

Our Approach

The Jones’ spoke to one of our currency specialists who helped them to set up a Regular Payment Plan (RPP) through a standing order to coincide with their monthly schedule. Our team also gave them the option to book a Forward Contract, allowing the Jones’ to fix their pension transfer exchange rate for a set period of time.

The Result

By removing the need to make manual transfers each month, the Jones’ knew that their income would arrive in their account when they need it. The Forward Contract secured the value of their pension transfers from unwanted exchange rate movements, so they know exactly how much money they are receiving each month. This helped them to make great savings and forecast for any outgoings they may have.

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