Importing Luxury Goods from Abroad

Thinking about importing goods from aboard? Whether you’re buying a yacht, car or any other high value product from abroad, we can help you save time and money when making payments for luxury items from overseas.

Importing goods from overseas can mean that a large sum of your money is exposed to the ever-changing currency rates. This means you can’t be certain how much the import will cost you, especially when the final payment isn’t required for weeks or even months. How can you guarantee that unfavourable exchange rates won’t cause the price of your luxury good to increase in the meantime?

Managing currency market risk made easy

Unfavourable currency market movements can cause the cost importing your goods from abroad to drift out of reach. We can help keep it on course by helping you to lock in an exchange rate when the market heads in the right direction. This gives you the security of knowing exactly how much it will cost when the time eventually comes to pay, helping you to forecast your international payments so you can ensure you have the right funds at the right time.

How we helped a client keep their luxury yacht purchase on course

The Requirement

Johnathan was in the process of buying a luxury yacht from a manufacturer in Italy. Having agreed to make the purchase, he had to wait for it to be built before completing the deal. Johnathan was concerned that the GBP/EUR exchange rate would move against him during the 6 months he had to wait before completing his payment, which would increase how much he had to pay for his yacht.

Our Approach

We assigned Johnathon a personal currency specialist who helped him to prevent the money he had put aside for the yacht from shifting in value. By using a Forward Contract, our currency specialists were able to secure Johnathan a favourable rate for when he was due to pay the yacht manufacturer.

The Result

The rate we fixed for Johnathan proved invaluable after the pound decreased in value against the euro just before he was due to make his final payment. This approach meant that Johnathan was able to protect the price of his luxury yacht, saving him thousands of pounds by making his payment using a pre-fixed exchange rate compared to that day’s unfavourable rate.

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