Currency Services for Emigration and Moving Abroad

Whether you’re moving abroad for work, emigrating or want to retire overseas, RationalFX can help you make the most out of your hard earned money.

Moving abroad means moving your finances too. Don’t let exchange rates cause your life savings to drop in value.

How to make sure more of your money emigrates with you

Weeks or even months may pass between deciding to emigrate and getting on the plane. During that time, a lot can happen in the currency market. Don’t let moving your money overseas with you be an expense, speak to our team to help secure a favourable exchange rate to maximise the value of your transfer when you embark on the next chapter of your life.

How we helped a family to start a new life in Australia

The Requirement

The Browns want to emigrate to Australia from the UK. To make their dream a reality, they need to transfer their money to their Australian bank account. However, their concerned that the GBP/AUD exchange rate might decrease between budgeting for their move and transferring their money to Australia.

Our Approach

Their RationalFX Account Manager monitored the pound to Australian dollar exchange rate performance and contacted the Browns when it hit a multi-week high so they could book a Forward Contract and secure the rate for when they transfer money to Australia.

The Result

When the Browns were finalising their plans to move to Australia, the GBP to AUD exchange rate came under significant pressure. Because they had booked the Forward Contract when the rate was favourable, the Browns were able to make savings of thousands of pounds.

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