Buying or Selling Property Abroad

Buying or selling a property abroad can be a huge financial responsibility, so securing a favourable exchange rate can be the difference between losing or saving hundreds to thousands of pounds.

Each day the pound shifts in value against other currencies. Even the smallest change can make a big difference to the price of purchasing an overseas property, or the funds you send back to the UK from your sale.

International payment solutions for buying property abroad

Exchange rates can affect the overall cost of buying a property overseas. The easiest and most effective way to protect your overseas property budget is by securing an exchange rate when the currency market moves in your favour. Our range of FX products can help you do exactly that.

Transferring proceeds back home from an overseas property sale

Exchange rates can also affect the value of your proceeds when selling your property abroad. Combine unfavourable rates and the additional fees you may encounter when using a high street bank to transfer your money back to the UK, it could cost you anything from hundreds to thousands of pounds.

We offer a cost-effective, secure and simple repatriation service with competitive rates to help reduce unnecessary fees and maximise your profit when sending money back to the UK after selling your property abroad. For more information, please get in contact with our team on +44 (0) 20 7220 8167, or email

How we helped a family to secure their dream home in the sun

The Requirement

Having found their dream holiday home in Spain, the Smith family need to plan their finances. The Spanish property buying process meant they wouldn’t have to make their purchase payment until a future date, but they were concerned about exchange rate fluctuations increasing the cost between paying the deposit and their final payment. They also wanted to refurbish the property in the near-future and needed to plan ahead.

Our Approach

By using a Forward Contract, their Account Manager was able to lock in the GBP/EUR rate when it hit its highest level for 6 months.

The Result

Before the purchase was complete, the pound decreased against the euro due to Brexit uncertainty. Even though the exchange rate dropped on the day to the final payment, the cost was not affected thanks to the favourable rate secured. This saved the Smiths thousands of pounds. Because the Forward Contract was booked for two years, they were also able to plan ahead for their refurb knowing the rate for their international payments.

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Drawing Your Pension Abroad

If you decide to retire abroad, you can still receive the UK State Pension. However, getting it transferred into a foreign bank account could mean conversion charges eating into your funds. Avoid bank fees altogether and make the most of your hard-earned pension with our services.

Overseas Rent and Living Expenses

Having a rental income from a property overseas certainly helps to cover mortgage and maintenance costs. However, the exchange rates offered by banks, together with their commission and transfer fees, can soon chip away at your revenue stream.