Is your business looking to make international payments to the USA for imports? Transferring money via RationalFX is the ideal solution for businesses who wish to make an international payment as we simplify the process of making payments and reduce the costs involved. To ensure you are getting the most from your money we offer extremely competitive US Dollar exchange rates and low transaction fees for your international transfer. Pay for your imports from the USA now, or register for an account to start transferring USD to America for imports.

The United States is 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km2) which makes it the third or fourth largest country by total area and the country has a population of over 312 million people which also makes the country the third most populated in the world. The U.S. economy is the largest national economy in the world and has an estimated 2010 GDP of $14.780 trillion.

Increasing the profitability of the company and remaining competitive within the market are the primary objectives that all businesses are linked by. Businesses dealing internationally often make their international payments through their bank unaware that this is an uncessarily expensive way to transfer money to pay for their imports. Customers sending miney through their bank are often subject to unnecessarily high transfer fees and poor exchange rates which prevent their maximum profits being achieved.

As we understand the strains international businesses are subject to we at RationalFX try to aleviate these pressures by offering great exchange rates for the US Dollar and low transfer fees.

Thanks to Xendpay, which is our online payments platform, payments are simple and convenient to make. You can transfer money 24/7 from any location, which means you are no longer tied to the inconvenient opening hours and ques at banks.

To start making savings on your international transfers all you need to do is open an account, follow the simple registration process and supply us with the details for the transfer. We will need to know your bank details, the bank account details you wish to transfer to and the SWIFT and IBAN code of the recipients bank.

Your international payments to the US are made both easily and securely with RationalFX (see our regulatory information).

Every day we are helping more and more individuals and businesses save money! Start making secure and cost effective international payments to the USA now, or register for an account to start transferring USD for imports from America.

Need more assistance with international payments?

You may need to make regular international payments to Malta or maybe you want to make the most of the rare few that you do! We provide a choice of FX services to make foreign exchange payments work better for you.

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