If you are an international student and need to pay your student fees in the UK then RationalFX can help you!

Every year thousands of foreign students come to study in universities all over the UK, investing in a better education and a better future.

However, paying for an overseas education is expensive, which means many students use savings and take out addition loans to finance themselves through their time in university.

Sadly, many international students fail to pay attention, or do anything effective about the costs of actually transferring money to the UK- to pay for such things like student fees and living expenses.

The costs of sending money to a bank account in the UK are:

  • The exchange rate to GBP
  • Being charged a transfer fee

Using the bank is common option for international students to transfer money to pay for their student fees in the UK. By doing so they are unfortunately hit with an uncompetitive exchange rate and a transfer fee for every transfer they make. This is not ideal for any student living on a budget.

RationalFX offers a service that cuts the costs of international money transfers for international students. We offer you extremely competitive exchange rates (see rates) and we charge only low transfer fees for all our international transfers online!

Open an account now and start saving money when paying your student fees and living expenses!

Use our online payments service to pay your student fees

Paying for student fees in the UK couldn’t be easier!

  • To begin with, you just need to open an account with us first
  • You will then receive an email to activate your online account 
  • After that just follow the online instructions

You will need the following information to start transferring money:

  • Your bank account/card details you wish to transfer from
  • The bank account details you wish to transfer to e.g. your UK account or University account
  • SWIFT/IBAN code of the account

It's an easy, convenient and safe way to transfer money to the UK!

Who are RationalFX

We are a currency exchange and money transfer company headquartered in the heart of the City of London. We specialise in offering cheap solutions for your international money sending needs!

We have transferred over £1 billion worth of currency worldwide and are regulated by HMRC and authorised by the FSA so transferring money to the UK is safe and secure through us!

We are also a member of SWIFT- the largest payments and settlements network in the world, means you benefit from faster streamlined payments and enhanced security of your transfers!

How can we offer such a cheap service?

We provide you with a cheap way to pay your student fees, with great exchange rates and low transfer fees. You might be wondering how we can offer such a great service.

Well basically, it is because we buy huge amounts of currency yearly, that we are able to get wholesale rates for the currency we buy! From that we are then able to pass on these great savings to you, as well as being able to turn a profit!

Open an account now and start saving money when you pay for your student fees to the UK!