Overseas wedding survey

Weddings in the UK are reaching in excess of £25k, meaning more people are looking abroad for their special day. But the cost of a wedding on the other side of the world can seem even more daunting. That’s why the UK’s first online foreign exchange service, RationalFX, is launching an initiative to help couples save money on weddings abroad.

Making international payments through a bank may be local but could cost more than it needs to. At RationalFX, we allow customers to make quick, easy and secure international money payments. With no commission to pay and no sending and receiving fees, it’s a great way to save money whilst sending money abroad, meaning couples can make all the payments they need to as quickly as possible in time for their big day.

At RationalFX, we believe in getting you the best for your special day. Dedicated account managers guide clients through the markets ultimately enabling customers to save money on their overseas destination weddings. Some of the products clients can choose from to ensure the best route to send their money include:

Regular Payments

Need to pay for an ongoing service for the wedding? Get competitive rates that will save you money and time.

Spot contract

Need to send money to wedding planners urgently? Send money on the spot with the best exchange rates available.

Forward contract

Planning a wedding far in advance but not sure if rates will hold? Fix a rate up to two years ahead before you have to send the currency.

RationalFX’s overseas money transfer service will reduce the cost of sending money abroad, helping couples to save money on their overseas weddings - and meaning more money to spend on the honeymoon.

But we need your help! To make sure that RationalFX can save you as much money as possible on your overseas wedding, we’ve created a survey so that we can discover what your hopes and requirements are for your special wedding day.

Please fill in the survey below and be in with a chance to win an Overseas Wedding Gift Hamper. One lucky winner will also receive a Amazon £50 gift card on top of the wedding hamper to send you on your way and ensure you are fully prepared for the journey that lies ahead:

If you want to speak to us please call 020 7220 8151 or email us at weddings@rationalfx.com

The winner of the wedding hamper will be randomly selected from completed survey applicants on the 14th August 2017.
. RationalFX will endeavour to contact the winner by phone and/or email address provided by the 18th August 2017.