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Pound finishes week strongly

GBP The pound finished strongly last week as investors grew more confident that the US Administration and Federal Reserve stimulus would be enough to absorb some of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the US government announced the $2trillion stimulus package and the Federal Reserve injected more dollars into the market, investor flow has […]


Worldwide sentiment improves

GBP Sterling recovered against both EUR and USD on Thursday following an improvement in global investor sentiment. A number of generous support packages from global central banks have put global stock markets on the road to recovery with a feeling amongst some investors that the worst of the Corona virus is behind us. In the current […]


USD falls ahead of jobless claims report

GBP The Bank of England and Britain’s finance ministry will resume their coordinated drive on Thursday to prevent the coronavirus-related shutdown of swathes of the economy from triggering a long and deep recession. The Bank of England, which has made two emergency cuts to interest rates this month, boosted its bond-buying programme by a further […]


GBP shows signs of recovery

GBP The pound showed signs of recovery on Tuesday and rallied against the US Dollar after plunging in recent weeks due to the cornavirus outbreak. Investors sentiment is starting to grow due to a broad based recovery in the world’s major stock markets, this is down to China reporting no new cases of the cornavirus […]


Pound falls again sharply

GBP The pound fell sharply again on Monday as investors dumped currencies they consider riskier to own amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sterling has been under pressure because of a massive wave of selling most currencies other than the dollar, which is the world’s most liquid currency and the safe haven of choice when confidence evaporates […]


Sterling ends week stronger

GBP Sterling rebounded against both the US dollar and euro on Friday, moving away from 3 decade lows against the dollar due to the measures taken by the Bank of England.The Bank of England decided to cut interest rates to a record low of 0.1% and ramped up its bond buying program to limit the […]


Sterling rebounds against EUR & USD

GBP Sterling rebounded against both EUR and USD on Thursday as the Bank of England announced further stimulus measures in an attempt to limit the economic damage caused by the Coronavirus to the UK economy. Policymakers voted unanimously in cutting the lending rate by 15 basis points to 0.1%, its lowest level since 1694 and announced […]


Sterling falls to multi-year lows

GBP The pound plummeted on Wednesday, resulting in a decade long low against the euro and lows against the dollar that have not been seen since 1985, as investors are panic buying dollars overshadowed monetary stimulus efforts. Investors rushed to the safe haven of USD and avoided sterling, as appetite for GBP has dampened following the UK’s decision […]


Sunak delivers bailout package

GBP  British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said the coronavirus outbreak would require government support on a previously unimaginable scale, starting with 330 billion pounds ($398 billion) of loan guarantees for businesses. “This struggle will not be overcome by a single package of measures or isolated interventions,” he said at a news conference. “This national effort […]


Video: The impact of coronavirus on the global economy

Coronavirus, FX markets, UK interest rate cut, GBP, EUR, USD, BoE, Fed, Safe haven, Core Retail Sales, Retail Sales Last week: GBP BoE cut interest rates to 0.25%. USD Fed cut interest rates. Safe haven currency. EUR More stimulus to fight coronavirus impact. More stimulus to fight coronavirus impact. The week ahead: USD Core Retail […]


GBP loses out again

GBP  Sterling fell to five month lows after the US rate cut as investors resumed their rush to pour into safe haven currencies. The next Bank of England Meeting is taking place on 26th March and money markets are beginning to price in the likelihood of the bank following in the footsteps of the Federal Reserve, […]


FED Cut Interest Rates To Zero

USD The US Federal Reserve slashed rates back to near zero, restarted bond buying and joined with other central banks to ensure liquidity in dollar lending to help put a floor under a rapidly disintegrating global economy during the escalating coronavirus pandemic. And in a dramatic move that underscored the depth of the economic threat as […]


How is coronavirus impacting cross-border businesses and markets?

The World Health Organisation has labelled the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, following its rapid spread from China to multiple countries around the world. The problem for currency markets is its infecting economies as quickly as people. Symptoms include everything from disappointing data showing its strangling supply chains and disrupting manufacturing to emergency monetary policy […]


Video: Coronavirus grips FX markets

Last week: GBP Coronavirus grips FX markets. UK-EU trade talks commence. UK interest rate cut depends on budget. USD Emergency 0.5% rate cut. Strong employment data. This WEek: GBP Annual budget. USD CPI MoM. Core CPI MoM. EUR Main refinance rate. Monetary Policy Statement. ECB Press Conference.


GBP tumbles further

GBP Sterling hit 5 month lows against the US dollar and the euro on Thursday, falling to its lowest level since October. The pound was affected by President Donald Trump’s decision to put restrictions on travel from Europe and European Central Bank stimulus measures fell short of expectations. The pound fell by more than two […]


Where’s the best place to get travel money?

You’ve booked your holiday, decided what to pack and chosen the places you wish to explore – now it’s time to get your travel money. But, what’s the most cost-effective and convenient way to buy your euros, dollars, dirham, or whatever your destination’s currency is?  The convenient and cost-effective way to buy travel money If […]


2020 Budget Impact on SMEs and the FX market

Chancellor Sunak’s Budget announcement had minimal impact on GBP, following the Bank of England’s emergency rate cut during the morning of 11th March 2020 as an attempt to strengthen the economy amid the coronavirus outbreak.   After the Bank of England announced their interest rate cut from 0.75% to 0.25%, sterling fell to lows against […]


GBP falls as BoE cut interest rates

GBP Sterling fell to multi-month lows this morning following the surprise announcement of an emergency interest rate cut by the Bank of England. The Monetary Policy Committee unanimously agreed to reduce the UK’s interest rate by 50 basis points to 0.25%. The move by the bank follows a host of central banks who have cut […]


GBP rallies against USD

GBP Sterling rallied further against the US dollar, rising to one month highs as the cornavirus fears along with a slump in oil prices rocked world markets. Money markets in Britain now see more of a chance of a rate cut later this month by the Bank of England to limit the damage caused by the […]


What can cross-border businesses expect from the March Budget?

The first Budget from the new Conservative majority government will be set to a backdrop of historic political events and an international health crisis that is strangling economic growth. So, will Wednesday’s Spring Statement go down in history as ‘the coronavirus Budget’, ‘the Brexit Budget’ or ‘the Boris Johnson Budget’? Upon reflection, it will probably […]

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