Need to make international payments to Canada?

Does you business require you to make international payments to Canada? If so it is likely that you will want to find a simple and cost effective way to process the payment. Sending Canadian Dollars via RationalFX is the ideal way to make your international money transfer. We will reduce the costs of your international payment as we offer competitive exchange rates for the Canadian Dollar and apply low transfer fees. 

When you need to make international payments to Canada, we have many solutions to assist you and to ensure your transfers are made when movements in Canadian Dollar exchange rates are in your favour.

Whether you are transferring funds from sterling, euro, yuan, yen or any major or exotic currency to Canadian Dollars, at RationalFX, we can help you to pay your suppliers invoice, make an overseas property mortgage payment, in fact any type of wire transfer with the help of our extensive global banking network, so payments from your local account through our online system to an international bank account is easy and trouble free.

What are the charges?

Your transactionwith RationalFX will be commission free and there are low transfer or handling fees.

Even better, we also offer market leading exchange rates and all in all we can seve you up to 6% compare with other FX providers, banks and money transfer companies.

We are able to offer such a cost effective service because we buy vast amounts of currencies every year! From this we are able to get whole sale rates for the currencies we purchase and are happy to pass on the savings to you, the customer.

The cheapest way to make international payments to Canada

At RationalFX we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals to find the cheapest available option to make foreign currency payments to Canada.

We are one of the most competitive and trusted foreign exchange service providers having securely transferred over £1 billion worth of currency worldwide! We are authorised by the FSA and regulated by the HMRC and take security of all our international payments seriously.

Start making international payments to Canada now