The demand for cost effective international payments to Miami is steadily increasing, in part due to the influx of international businesses operating in Miami. The Port of Miami and Miami International Airport provide ideal trading points for imports and exports.

Miami is becoming one of the biggest financial centres in the United States. It has a very large community of businesses and is heavily populated by the finance, commerce and tourism industries. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of having a Miami-based business are the of the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport, which open up huge possibilities and access to conduct international trade which is so local to them. This has seen a number of businesses and organisations branching, starting and relocating to Miami.

Miami is becoming a more and more glamorised and recognised destination, with TV, film, art and business popularising the culture which Miami has to offer. There are so many reasons that people are travelling to Miami, including the climate, culture and lifestyle, but there is a growing emphasis on the economic and financial influence Miami has.

There is a huge range of different cultures and nationalities living in Miami, with a diverse population of Latin American, Cuban and Caribbean communities. With beautiful beaches, a tropical climate and based in the popular state of Florida, it is no wonder that people are deciding to migrate to Miami and operate their businesses there.

With such an increase in the amount of trade to and from Miami, and with many more businesses, firms and organisations branching out there, the demand for transferring money to Miami for import and export purposes is predicted to increase, with businesses around the world more likely to find the need to make international import/export payments.

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