Make your international payments to South Africa less expensive

Your international payments to South Africa can be expensive with exchange rates and transfer charges to take into account. However, by using RationalFX we will ensure you an extremely competitive exchange rate for the South African Rand and low transfer fees when you make your international payments online! Simple! Open an account now.

Need more assistance with international payments?

You may need to make regular international payments to South Africa or maybe you want to really make the most of the rare few that you do! We provide a choice of FX services to make foreign exchange payments work better for you.

  • A Forward contract can be helpful when dealing with foreign suppliers and settling on a payment structure. You can fix a rate for up to two years! This can secure your rate of payments making it easier to forecast and offset fluctuating exchange rates.
  • A Limit order is a facility that enables you to set a desired rate to make a payment at and when it hits that rate we will transfer your funds then.
  • A Spot deal is commonly used to execute a payment quickly at an agreed present price knowing what you are paying for that specific payment.

Give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 7220 8181 if you want to find out more and discuss your options with one of our dedicated dealers.

Your international payments to South Africa is easy and safe with RationalFX (see our regulatory information). We are helping more and more individuals and businesses save money every day! We can make a payment to any bank account you may require securely and cheaply so open an account today.