Make your international payments to Kenya simple and cheap

International payments to Kenya couldn’t be simpler when using RationalFX. As currency specialists we can ensure you get a highly competitive exchange rate for the Kenyan Shilling - that will beat your bank and money transfer agent. Even more we charge you only low transfer fees!

Whether you are an importer needing to make a payment to a supplier, or maybe you require to make property payments, reducing your international payment costs is simple by opening an account with us!

Why we are better than your bank?

Apart from better exchange rates and low transfer fees we can provide you with a range of benefits:

  • Information about the markets
  • Spot and forward contracts
  • Limit order facility
  • Dedicated dealer
  • International online payment system.

Make your international payments online

We are proud of our online payments facility that is operational 24/7 to accept your international payment instructions, with the ability to accept card payments and monitor your active transactions!

Once you have registered and activated your online account to make a payment all you need is:

  • Bank account/card details you want to transfer from
  • Bank account details you want to transfer to – remember the SWIFT code!

It’s that easy to make international payments to Kenya online no more queuing at your bank! We can transfer money to any bank account all over Kenya such as in Habib Bank, African Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya and so on.

We are a secure and safe method to make your international payments worldwide (see regulatory details).

So what are you waiting for open an account now for free and with no obligation. Experience a better, cheaper way to make your international payments to Kenya.