Looking to make international payments to Turkey? Maybe you are an importer looking to pay a supplier or you are on the verge of buying a property in Turkey. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure that the costs of making these international payments are in your best interests financially as much as possible.

Firstly, when making international payments to Turkey will usually involve your payment going to a Turkish bank such as Kocbank and so you will need to convert to Turkish Lira to do so.

You may visit your own bank to enquire about doing the conversion but you will find that the exchange rate on offer for the Turkish Lira is really poor. You will also find that in order for them to the transfer for they will also charge you a bank charge - adding more cost.

Not satisfied with the bank you could try a money sending bureau but what they offer compared to the banks is no better and in closer inspection actually worse. The rates are uncompetitive and with service charge of 10-15% - the bigger the sum the bigger the cost. It is also worth noting that it is generally unadvisable to do important payments through them as many of them are poorly regulated.

You may seem like you have failed in your endeavours to find a cost effective way of making your payments to Turkey but not with your last option - a foreign currency exchange broker like RationalFX.

The Solution

We at RationalFX make international payments in the best interests of importers wanting to cut costs or the stressed out holiday home buyer who feels there outgoings are spiralling out of control. Whatever the reason we can help!

Our service is simple we give extremely competitive rates as we buy currencies in bulk closer to the market rate and pass the benefits on to the customer. 

We also offer advice and guidance that can save you even more money. As currency rates are fluctuating all the time of we can provide and talk you through different payment plans that best suit you and your needs.

Highly experienced at transferring money to Turkey. We are authorised by the FSA and regulated by the HRMC so you know you are safe going through us.

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