Having to make international payments to Switzerland can be expensive if you are not using the best money transfer option available to you.

These expenses can be present in a bad exchange rate for the Swiss franc and possible transfer charges being applied.

Nevertheless, making an international payment from your own bank account to a bank account in Switzerland such as Credit Suisse can be done quite easily.

You will need:

  • Your account details
  • The account details of the beneficiary
  • SWIFT code - which is a unique code for the bank where the destination account is held.

Your bank can do the transfer to Switzerland, however be aware that the exchange rate offered are not as competitive as you would expect.

Furthermore, by going via your bank they will charge you a high fee for doing the transfer to your recipient in Switzerland. These add up to be considerable costs especially if you need to make regular international payments to Switzerland.

More and more businesses are realising that the do not need to settle for poor exchange rates and transfer fees in order to make their international payments.

A cheaper option is available by using a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX. We will offer an exchange rate for the Swiss franc that will beat your bank (see rates) and we will charge low fees only for making your international payments to Switzerland!

You may be buying a property or have a business interest in Switzerland - making sure you get the most out of your money is in your best interest financially.

As experts of foreign currency exchange we can guide you for what is best for your currency needs, for example if you are looking to make long term regular payments to a supplier in Switzerland, we can even make your international payments more manageable by enabling you to fix a great rate of exchange for the CHP for up to 2 years!

We are a FSA authorised foreign exchange broker and regulated by the HMRC making your international payment to Switzerland through us is secure and efficient.

Open an account now to make your international payments to Switzerland less costly!