Make international payments to Sweden

You may need to make international payments to Sweden to pay a supplier, buy property or maybe you need to make payments for common household bills.

Whatever your reasons, RationalFX can help you reduce the costs of making your international payments to Sweden.

We will offer you a guaranteed up-to-date competitive exchange rate for the Swedish Krona and we charge you low transfer fees only!

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Why we are better than your bank

Using your bank is a costly method to making your international payments to Sweden, this is because they apply high margins on the currencies they provide. On top of this they will charge you a transfer fee for every payment you make!

We are an easy and effective solution to cutting your costs and we can make a payment to any bank account that you may require such as in Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Nordea and SEB.

What else we can do

With exchange rates constantly fluctuating is can make managing your payments difficult. We can make your finances more manageable with our expert advice and guidance. Here are some of the FX products we can offer:

  • Spot contract can be used to make payment quickly at the present live price there and then, so you know exactly what you will get. We will offer you a going through a bank will usually give you an uncompetitive exchange rate.
  • Forward contract will allow you to fix a great rate of exchange for up to 2 years. It can be helpful when dealing with foreign suppliers and settling on a payment structure. This can secure your rate of payments making it easier to forecast and offset fluctuating exchange rates. However, if the price drops after the forward contract has been agreed upon, this cannot be taken advantage of as the price cannot be changed.
  • Limit order can be useful if time is not a huge issue to pay your supplier. If you anticipate the exchange rate can change in your favour in the near future funds can be transferred when it reaches that rate! What is also beneficial is you are also protected if the rate goes down to a certain level.

Who are RationalFX

We are an independent foreign exchange and money transfer company authorised by the FSA and regulated by the HMRC. We provide a cheap and secure solution to making international payments worldwide. So far we have transferred over £1 billion worth of currency!

We are able to offer such a cost effective service because we buy vast amounts of currencies every year! From this we are able to get whole sale rates for the currencies we purchase and are happy to pass on the savings to you the customer.

Why not register now and start making your international payments to Sweden less costly!