Do you need a convenient and cheap way to make an international payment to Spain?  Whatever your reasons for transferring Euros to Spain you can make the most out of your money by using RationalFX. We will help you save on the costs of international money transfers to Spain as we offer competitive exchange rates for the Euro.

If you love sun, sea and sand then you love Spain! A lot of people have loved their experience of spending their holidays in Spain and many have taken the extra step of buying a holiday property so making mortgage payments on a holiday home is a common reason for people making international payments to Spain.

Buying a home in general can be a daunting task but buying a home in another country has added financial complication as it usually involves buying in another currency to your own.

This means you will be converting substantial amounts of your own currency to the currency of your chosen country. In this case the country is Spain and so you will need to convert to euros! (See rates)

Unless you are making a down payment, buying a house in Spain will mean you will need to make regular international payments to Spain.

Foreign currency exchange is going to be a big factor that will affect the cost of how much you are ultimately going to pay for your home. Not paying attention to the exchange rate could see your monthly outgoings spiralling out of control - making the dream of a home in Spain more of a nightmare.

It is important that you find the best foreign exchange rate as possible to make sure you are getting the most out of your money and avoiding unnecessary costs.  Such costs like bank charges in making your international payments to Spain need to be avoided where possible.

RationalFX can make your international payments to Spain easier, cheaper and safer. We are a FSA authorised foreign exchange broker and are highly experienced at making international payments to Spain.

We offer extremely competitive rates of exchange for the euro that will beat your bank or money sending bureau and we charge low fees for making your international payments to Spain!

Thanks to our online payment service Xendpay transfers can be completed easily and at your convenience. We will transfer the funds directly from your account; simply tell us the account details of the recipient, the SWIFT and IBAN code of their bank and your bank account details then.

As experts of foreign currency exchange we we will make your international payments to Spain cheaper and stress free.

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