Make International Payments to Singapore


If you need to make international payments to Singapore, overlooking the exchange rates and transfer costs involved can be costly.

You may be buying a property or started using a supplier out in Singapore, how you make your payments to Singapore can determine how much money you can save!

For instance, you may need to transfer to a DBS bank account in Singapore. Going through your bank to make your international payment to Singapore will see you lose out on a poor rate of exchange for the Singapore dollar as well as being charged a transfer high fee per transfer!

You want to be able to get the most Singapore dollars as possible for your money - with a competitive exchange rate and to evade transfer fees.

A cheaper international payment solution can be found using the services of a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX!

We are experts at foreign currency exchange and understand how the markets work. We can advise you on your foreign currency exchange requirements that are in the best interest for you and your needs.

You may be looking to make a single payment or set to make regular international payments to Singapore, whatever your needs, we can help you.

For example, if you are engaging in a long term relationship with your supplier in Singapore we can make your finances more manageable by enabling you to fix a great rate of exchange for up two years!

Using RationalFX will ensure you get an extremely competitive rate of exchange for the Singapore dollar that will beat your bank and money sending bureau (see rates). Furthermore we charge low fees for doing your international payments!

We are a FSA authorised payment institution so you can ensure your payments are secure by going through us.

Register today and start making your international payments to Singapore less costly with better rates and low transfer fees!