You may need to make international payment to New Zealand. Whether single or regular payments it pays to use a transfer option that is suitable for your needs.

Being aware of exchange rates and transfer charges is extremely helpful in minimizing costs of making your international payments.

Your supplier may require you to make a transfer to their bank account in ASB bank for example. Going through your typical bank is something that is costing you more than it should in making your international payments to New Zealand.

Exchange rates are uncompetitive at your bank giving you less buying power for the New Zealand Dollar, and with bank charges being a typical addition to the costs; you are faced with a costly way to make your international payments.

RationalFX is a foreign exchange broker that is helping more and more businesses with their currency exchange needs and saving them money.

Using our service has significant advantages over your bank. Firstly we will always offer you an extremely competitive rate of exchange for NZD (see rates), as well as other currencies you may require. Secondly, we will not charge you a transfer fee for doing your international payments to New Zealand!

Some foreign exchange brokers are mostly geared towards handling larger amounts and neglect the smaller customer. With us, whatever amount you wish to make your international payments we will be able to help you!

With a turnover of over £1 billion and approved by the FSA and regulated by the HMRC, we are a secure way of making your payments.

Whatever your currency exchange requirements are, we are transparent and our experts will be able to advise and guide you for what is best for you and your business!

Open an account with us and see the savings you can make when making your international payments to New Zealand through us! There is no obligation to use us but we are confident that you will!